On The Ball Greensboro Zumba Barre Step Kettlebell
  • Cardio Combo (weights & cardio)

  • Cardio Fat Burner (hi-lo aerobic)

  • Cardio Boxing (mitt work w/partners)

  • Insanity (high intensity intervals and strength)

  • Kickboxing (aerobic kick and punch)

  • Metabolic Conditioning (30 min. high intensity intervals aka H.I.I.T.)

  • Step (choreographed to music)

  • Zumba (Latin based dance)


  • Barre None (use of ballet barre)

  • Body Sculpt (dumbbell workout)

  • BLT&C (buns, legs, thighs, & core)

  • Circuit (timed strength/cardio moves)

  • Kettlebells (strength with kettlebells)

  • On The Ball (body sculpting using ball)

  • Power Pump (barbell workout)

  • Strength (30 min. full body workout)

  • Suspension (use of TRX style training devices and body weight)

  • Totally Tubular (tubing workout)

  • Foam Rolling (self massage using foam rollers)

  • Functional Flexibility (stretch/hold techniques)

  • Pilates (mat pilates work incorporating balls/dowels/bands)

  • PiYo (combo of Pilates and Yoga moves)

  • Suspension/Flexion (TRX style trainers used to strengthen core and stretch)